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Nautical field is one of the most important market for accessories and chains produced by MF Catenificio Frigerio. As for the hardware, also for nautical there is a wide and varied range of products.

Discover the DAMS news for the 2020 catalog.

With DAMS, MF introduces a new category of chains and fixing accessories for floating pontoons, boats and buoy mooring, and boat anchoring.The system is suitable for Marinas and Touristic ports structures construction and maintenance. DAMS mooring is carrying significative cost advantages during the life cycle of products for all actors involved in marine mooring , from end users to project engineers, from site owners and infrastructure institutions to operatives for first installation and maintenance activities. Dams is strengthening security in case of natural disaster events by increasing overall resistance to wind and waves while potentially providing a more comfortable anchorage of boats and ships.

Referring to the chains, there are Genovese chains, DIN 5685/A, DIN5685/C and DIN766. The finishing can be hot deep galvanized, polished, painted, self-color, in steel and stainless steel, with diameters starting from 4 mm till 30 mm.