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The chains and accessories range produced by MF Catenificio Frigerio for the hardware is very wide and varied. Genovese chains – electrogalvanized, polished, painted, self-color, in stainless steel- start from very little diameters (1,6 mm) till very big diameters, they are available in box and bobbins
There is a wide choice also for usual chains, DIN 5685/A and DIN 5685/C chains (in steel and stainless steel) Din 763, Din 766 (in steel and stainless steel), ISO4565 and two color chains.
The accessories include wire rope cups , turnbuckles (with 2 eyes, with 2 hooks, with eye/hook), dee shackles, bow shackles, melding links, quick links, carbine hook, rope thimble, eyebolts, round links, S hooks and spring pins.
MF Catenificio Frigerio offers also a wide range of security chains and accessories for slings.