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Production process

A carefully monitored process. Throughout every single phase.

The quality of the final product is guaranteed by a manufacturing process monitored in every single phase, which starts from the procurement of the specific raw materials to be used from leading domestic and foreign steel works that certify the technical specifications.
Production is carried out on 16 different work islands, each of which uses machinery specialised in the processing of chains which can differ in thickness and link type. Each island performs its work cycle in a fully automated manner, according to the programme set by the operator: the wire is first drawn, then bent, concatenated, and finally subjected to welding treatment.
The presence of full traction proof testing machines on each plant system to calibrate the chains, makes it possible to achieve monitoring of 100 per cent of production and to ensure exact size conformity of every single link. A further dimensional test is conducted in the final stage by means of a special pass/fail gauge. The MF Catenificio Frigerio plant systems achieve a daily production capacity of 50 tons of chain, with different shaped and diameter links ranging from 3 to 22 mm.